250px-Bulwark beast

The Bulwark Beast

The Bulwark beast is a Dungeoneering boss and second of the Behemoths encountered in Daemonheim. At the beginning of the encounter, it has armour plating which nullifies any damage received from melee or ranged. The armour must be broken using a pickaxe, which you can find in a rock at a corner of the room, before it can be damaged. The armour does not block any magic attacks though, so players can directly use mage to fight the beast.

It attacks with all three styles, including melee (crush), ranged (falling rocks, green breath attack) and mage (electrical attack). Magic attacks, deflection curses, Retribution, Wrath and summoned familiars' attacks will hit through the beast's armour regardless and damage its life points. It has a fairly high accuracy, but quite a low defence. It's advised to take plenty of food and to pray.

It is best to fight the Bulwark beast with melee armour and Protect from magic/Deflect Magic as the melee armour provides the best protection against the other two styles. He is weak to stab and crush attacks. Mages should not care about armour and use the best spells and food, keep distance of at least 2-3 spaces and use protect from magic or ranged prayer.

This boss does drain the Prayer of those he is not focused on, so soloers should not worry about this as the Beast always focuses on them.

The attack where it uses falling rocks damage its armour as well, although it does not do much damage.

It is recommended to use a pickaxe to first remove the armour, then switch to a better weapon, such as a maul, once its armour is gone.



  • The method of using a pickaxe to fight a Bulwark beast is similar to fighting the TokTz-Ket-Dill (monster) in the Tzhaar quest TokTz-Ket-Dill.
  • The Bulwark Beast is almost identical to the Gluttonous behemoth, except for the colour, armouring and shield-like mandibles, due to being a member of the same species (as mentioned in the Behemoth notes.) Stomp (monster) is also of the same species, but is too large to fit through the portal.
  • It is possible to fight the Bulwark beast with a Dungeoneering level of 23 (the required level is 24).
  • The word "bulwark" means the same as the word "rampart", which is "a wall of earth or other material built for defence".
  • It is possible to get a different pickaxe then what is said in the chat box. (E.g.: "You received a Kratonite Pickaxe", when you really get a Bathus Pickaxe)
  • The Bulwark beast has a stomp attack similar to the Corporal Beast's, inflicting large amounts of unblockable damage on players directly beneath it. His lightning attack is also somewhat similar, as it can hit multiple people with one spell.
  • The Bulwark beast looks similar to a monster in a RPG game on PlayStation 2 called Shadow of the Colossus. It is the eighth colossi and is known as Kuromori, or the "Wall Shadow".
  • If you cannot afford to purchase a pickaxe from the smugglers, or there is no pickaxe in stock, there is a pickaxe located in a corner of the room where the Bulwark beast is. it is ALWAYS there making the Bulwark beast possible to kill on all complexities.

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